Dinner under the Aurora

Product image 1Dinner under the Aurora
Product image 2Dinner under the Aurora
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The Plan

  • Departure by SkyVillage from SkyVillage resort
    at 20.00
  • Transfers by car are included if staying in another hotel
  • Overall and winter boots will be provided
  • The tour is 4-5h in total (sightseeing from our SkyArk + Northern Lights dinner)
  • Coffee break includes; handmade LingonBerry cookies from our local pätisserie, warm blueberry juice, coffee and tea, hot chocolate.
  • You are most likely to see Reindeer, Moose, Arctic fox, and Ptarmigan birds
  • Grilled Reindeer meat, topped with
    Lingonberries, Njala (bread), Potato salad
    and dessert.
  • Vegeterian option of grilled Halloumi is available on request.
  • Min 2 people per tour
  • Available from December 1st - April 15th
  • Let us know the preferred date for the tour when booking and food preferences (vegetarian, etc) or allergies.

How do I book my tour?

1. Please choose the range of age at the highlighted dropdown menu (second box)

2. Choose a date, a slot of time (if there is more than one) confirm.

3. Once you have landed into check out; your choice has been added to the cart, go back and choose one more participant, or another tour (keep planning)

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The Story

To experience the remoteness and wide-open night sky, there is the SkyArk, a glass cabin pulled by a snowmobile, well heated, furnished with confortable beanbags. The tour starts by heading off to a frozen island in the middle of the Torne river. If conditions are favourable you’ll be amazed by Northern Lights and can admire them through the glass of the SkyArk. Once we arrive at our destination, we start a fire at the Tipi to experience native Sami tradition. A three course meal will be served, yummy reindeer meat grilled on the fire will open up your appetite, the icing on the cake will be the aroma of the coffee cooked over the fire while delighting a cloudberry dessert. We will tell funny stories sitting around the fire and sneak out of the tent to see the Northern Lights!

SkyVillage lies in the middle of the Aurora zone in the Swedish Lapland, it hasextremely low light pollution because it is still a wild land, incontaminated. These key factors explain why the Northern Lights are seen so reliably over Torne River Bank, where SkyVillage is based.

Even if you don’t have photography experience, the secret for taking a good photo of the dancing queen is a tripod, which we can provide. One way of making northern lights pictures even more exiting is by making light painting photography. 

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