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Only the Bravest

Are you ready to jump into the SkyArk around 22.30 and roam around over the frozen river head to the crisp forest to search for the best spot to catch the Aurora?

The Plan

  • Departure by SkySled from SkyVillage resort
    at 22.00 (tour ends by 1.00am roughly).
  • Transfers by car are included if staying in another hotel
  • Overall and winter boots will be provided
  • Tour Guiding; 3h in all (sightseeing from the SkyArk + Northern Lights watching)
  • Hot drinks and snacks; blueberries soup, coffee and Tea, hot chocolare and light sandwiches.
  • Reindeer, moose, fox, and ptarmigan bird are most likely to be seeing on the way.
  • Min 2 people per tour
  • Available from December 1st - April 15th
  • Let us know the preferred date for the tour when booking.

How do I book my tour?

1. Please choose the range of age at the highlighted dropdown menu (second box)

2. Choose a date, a slot of time (if there is more than one) confirm.

3. Once you have landed into check out; your choice has been added to the cart, go back and choose one more participant, or another tour (keep planning)

4. Once you have made all your choices, go through the check out process.

The Story

Shimmery and magical. The dance of the Northern Lights is a spectacular sight that we frequently enjoy in here. Viewing the Aurora Borealis is both a jaw-dropping and mystical experience.

SkyVillage, lies in the middle of the Aurora zone in the swedish lapland, it has though an extremely high percentage of no light pollution because still a wild land, incontaminated. These key factors explain why the Northern Lights are seen so reliably over Torne River Bank, where SkyVillage is based.

So here we are, ready to start our journey through frozen forests chords, heading off to a remote island over the Torne river, a Sami Tentipi is waiting for us at our final destination.

We start a fire and while the guide starts cooking some coffee we share stories with each and adults. The atmosphere inside is cosy and we all warm up around the fire holding a smoky Kåsa (wooden cup) of hot drink.

What we like the most is cooking the coffee above the fire, it gets the taste from the forest.  Admiring the northen lights from this spot is touching.

Even if you don’t have a reflex the secret for a good take to the dancing queen is a tripod. One way of making northern lights pictures even more exiting is by making light painting photography. 

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