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Product image 1Only the very bravest
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Snow Cave Camping

This is an extreme expedition only for the very bravest, designed for the outdoor person.

The Plan
  • Camp in a snow cave overnight
  • Starting 16.00 from SkyVillage resort
  • Transfers by car are included.
  • Transfer by SkyArk with a supplement of 350 SEK/Adult.
  • Sleeping bag, overall and winter boots will be provided.
  • Tour Guiding; Sightseeing from the SkyArk throught the way to Lanajarvi lake
  • Coffee break; LingonBerries cookies from Spis pätisserie, cured meat/sausages, blueberries warm juice, hot chocolate, coffee and Tea.
  • Introduction to Extreme Bivouac.
  • Reindeer, moose, fox, and ptarmigan bird are most likely to be seeing on the tour
  • Open Fire dinner; Reindeer meat, Njalla (bread), potato salad topped with lingonberries, dessert.
  • Open Fire breakfast; Eggs, bacon, western bread. For vegeterians; Grilled Halloumi on request.
  • Min 2 and max 5 people per tour
  • Available from December 1st - April 15th

*Private tour for a single person with supplement of 2.000Sek


We work carefully to create a cave, that will look something like this:

Snow cave

Equipped with shovels we start hollowing upwards, smoothing out the dome of a cave so dripping is not an issue during the night, then we start digging upwards so that the sleeping level is higher than the entrance.

snow cave

With the cave created, it is time to prepare for the dinner. The open fire is running already and the smell of grilled meat is heartwarming! The atmosphere is nice, we are all around the fire telling stories. Smoky coffee is being cooked on the fire, it tastes as wild and unique as our surroundings.

dinner open fire
When we are ready to go to sleep, the sky will be crowned by Northern Lights and we will all get into our caves. The morning light will wake us up along with a delicious smell of a morning breakfast. We will also have time for a walk and to take pictures before heading back to Kiruna.

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