Multiday Tours into the wilderness


Why join a multi-day Expedition?

This type of activity is meant for people who are looking for a lifetime experience while visiting Swedish Lapland. Whether you are an experienced arctic fisherman or a total beginner, we offer the chance to go and try your luck up in the mountains, right in the heart of Sweden’s Arctic frozen wonderland.

Not interested yet? you can have a look in our dedicated website,
or contact bookskyarktours@gmail.com for specific inquires about it.



As you may already know, this region is referred to as “Northern Europe’s last remaining wilderness”, a true paradise for nature-loving individuals.

Throughout Europe, the last remaining areas of extensive wilderness are limited to the Arctic regions, and they remain sparsely inhabited and relatively unexploited up to the present day. In winters, the rivers and lakes freeze, and you’ll find ski tracks, snowmobile paths and ice-fishermen out there. In summer, ice melts, showing Lapland's true colours under the blazing Midnight Sun.

Our mission is simple, show you the stunning beauty of the place we call home, through fishing. But, how does it work?

Design your experience

Do you prefer small or large lakes? Would you rather search for char, trout or perch? Do you want to focus into wildlife spoting? Are a stargazer enthusiast?
We leave this entirely up to you. You decide what type of fish, waters and overall activities you prefer to put hands on. Let’s design it together.

Weather in Swedish Lapland is known to be sort of “unreliable” for long term planning, that is why having at least one full week available would give us enough flexibility to plan exactly when to leave.


We know travel plans change constantly, specially in this hard times, that is why we want you to enjoy Lapland to the fullest, the thing we most desire as well.

For this expedition to run smoothly, we strongly advise to take a complete week of holidays.

7 days from arrival to departure so that we can organise your getaway into the mountains based on the perfect weather conditons. Trust us, even though it looks so cool and exciting, you don’t want to be caught in a full scale storm. Ever!


Price System

The price system is based on two parameters: LOCATION & DURATION.

Generally speaking, the deeper into the wilderness we go, the longer it will take us to drive there. This is directly translated on the final price of the expedition.



Having said this, even though you can choose between two different areas to explore, the exact fishing spot will remain unknown until the end, so that we can personally decide our destination based on the weather conditions. Do not fear, each of our expeditions is extremely curated and scouted, so safety is guaranteed through the complete duration of the trip. 


 Photo Gallery

We want you to enjoy this unique experience with your eyes, rather than through your screen, that is why we also offer an exclusive photograph service that will join the expedition upon request.
He will take the pictures, and leave you to tell the story.
Pick-up from aiport/station
Transfer to hotel
Warm winter clothes
Fishing equipment
Fishing license in Kiruna
Professional Fishing Guides
Transport by snowmobile + sled
Trying out snowmobile driving
Wildlife spotting
Northern Lights hunting
All meals, drinks and snacks
     *** Available from December 1st to May 15th ***
    Duration Options for 2 participants: 
    2 days/ 1 night = from 30.000,00kr
    3 days / 2 nights = from 40.000,00kr
    4 days / 3 nights = from 50.000,00kr
    Final price will vary depending on:
    1) the total number of participants
    2) the drive range of the trip
    3) and the overall activities.
    This expedition experience needs time and precision to happen, therefore, we advise you to contact us with time so that we can design your Arctic getaway together!