Ice Fishing Tour

Are you an expert fisherman or just a beginner? Are you a lone traveller or a family?

Nevertheless, embark with us on a fishing trip during winter season, on top of our SkyArks, and experience the landscape in comfort while pulled gently through the frozen lakes by snowmobiles.

Brown Trout, Arctic Char, Perch, Greyling, White Fish. You name it. Arctic game is waiting for you.

Daily tours from December 1st - April 31st, depending on the ice and weather conditions. Contact us before booking to get professional overview of the situation.

Itinerary & Planning

  • Starting 9.30 from SkyVillage
  • Pick up by car at your hotel in Kiruna by 9.00am
  • Fishing rods and winter equipment provided
  • Tour Guiding; 4h in all (1h transfer + 3h Fishing)
  • Lunch included. Wraps cooked over the fire, with grilled salmon and shrimp salad.
  • Fika with home baked pastry, hot berries juice, coffee and tea.


  • Min 2 and max 8 people per tour
  • Kids under 3 y.o. are not recommended
  • Daily tours from Decembe 1st - April 31st, other times might be possible depending on the weather and ice conditions. Contact us before booking to get a professional overview of the situation.


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Looking for something more? Write us to and talk directly to our Tour Specialist to design your experience together.