About us

We are a group of international people who are irretrievably in love with Lapland.
Our mission is simple: share the beauty of the Arctic to whoever visits Skyvillage, our little piece of Heaven on Earth.



Where are we?

SkyVillage is located in Kurravaara, a small town by the shores of the Torne River. It a peaceful place where you can experience Sweden's nature at its best, and a sublime location to watch Northern Lights while doing so. 

Precisely, Kurravaara is about 12km (15'~20' by car) from Kiruna, Sweden's northernmost city, 145 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

As you can imagine, we are as north as it possibly gets.



When coming to visit us, we are able to pick you up at a point of your chosing in Kiruna (Airport, Folketshus, or directly at tour hotel).

Transfer by shuttle is available all year round, it takes around 15' ∼ 20', and it costs 400sek for 2 people roundtrip. 

 Having said this, we want you to enjoy the beautiful views. So, if on the other hand, you want to make the trip a little bit more of an adventure, you can choose to make your way to SkyVillage over the snow tracks of the frozen Torne River.

How? by jumping unique transfer The SkySleda panoramic glass cabin, pulled by a snowmobile. Do not fear, it is heated, of course, but believe us, it doesn't get better than this. 

*SkySled is available from 1st December to 15th April, and luggage will be carried by the outside trailer.


Getting to Kiruna

Kiruna Airport is southeast of the city, 8 km by road. Daily flights connect Kiruna with Stockholm, either with direct flights, or via Luleå or Umeå.

The railway station connects Stockholm from Kiruna with a daily night train departs 6:11 pm – Arrives 09:12 am.

By car, you can reach Kiruna by taking the E10 road. It connects Luleå with Narvik, on Norway (right on the Norwegian coast).