2,5 hours Private dogsledding tour with authentic arctic dogs

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No better way to experience the beauty of a Swedish Lapland morning, than being pulled on a sled by 8-10 authentic arctic Greenland dogs.

Cold front dogsledding is a small company that run dog sledding tours with authentic arctic dogs. The Greenland dog is still being used by the Inuit in Greenland today with hunting and transport.

This is a sit down private dogsled ride which will start from SkyVillage through frozen Lapland. You will be driven by a experienced driver through snow covered wilderness and out on the frozen Torne river. 

Along the trail we stop for a Swedish fika (warm/cold beverages and some Swedish pastry). During this stop you will have the time to walk around, warm up by the fire and take photos of and with the dogs.  

Then its back on the sled for the return journey. You can choose to return directly to SkyVillage or return with the sleddogs to their home. Help with unharnessing the dogs is always welcome. If you do choose to return to the dogs home then it is a short walk through the snow covert forest trail back to SkyVillage.  

* evening tour: You will hopefully have the chance to experience the Polarlights on this tour but please remember it is not a guarantee that you will as they are
a natural phenomenon. 

To warm up after the tour, SkyVillage offers a hot wood heated sauna on the Torne river for tour guests with a 25% discount (does not apply with any other discounts)

What's included?

warm clothing, boots, hats + mittens provided

Swedish fika with hot beverages

Dress code:

For safety, no tours when not enough snow, below -30C and blizzard conditions

come prepared with good underlayers e.g. wool