Custom Package - we make it possible!

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You want your trip be extra special and personalized? You not only want to stay with us but also want to have the best experiences while here in SkyVillage?

Than contact us!

We can make nearly everything possible:

  • From joining our own tours in SkyArk or SkySled
  • Mountain overnight tours with our SkyArk (not just drive - sleep in our warm SkyArk)
  • Spa experiences (save your spot in our amazing wood-heated sauna on the river) add a massage if you feel like it
  • Dogsledding (either sit on the sled, drive your own team, go with them overnight or get you private family experience)
  • Gourmet 3-course-dinners trips by van in collaboration with our partners in Kiruna and Abisko 
  • Build and sleep your own iglo or cave in the mountains
  • Helicopter flights to watch the amazing landscape we live in
  • Day trips with a guide by car to Abisko, Björkliden, Narvic…….
  • Learn how to capture the magic Northern Lights in a workshop, learn how to light paint
  •  ... contact us!