Wilderness tour

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The Plan

Morning Tour:

  • Starting 8.30 from SkyVillage resort
  • Transfers by car are included if staying in another hotel in Kiruna (pick up 08.00)

Afternoon Tour:

  • Tour Guiding; 3h in all (sightseeing from the SkySled + coffee break)
  • Coffee break includes home baked pastry, try of smoked local sausages (e.g. moose, reindeer) blueberries warm juice, hot chocolate, coffee and tea
  • Reindeer, moose, fox, ptarmigan bird and swedish hare, are most likely to beseeing on the tour.
  • Min 2 and max 9 people per tour
  • Available from December 1st - April 15th
  • Free for kids from 0-3 y.o
  • Let us know the preferred date for the tour when booking and food preferences (vegetarian, etc) or allergies.


      Into the Wilderness

      The mist swathes its thin veil, soon to be dissolved around the towering pines. We are waiting for the fauna to show up. The SkySled is a perfect hideout, you can relax and keep yourself warm while on the lookout for animals, and have some swedish Fika.

      We must be silent, going outside to answer the call of nature is irresistible...moose spotting means waiting, patiently. Perhaps time spent for relaxation and meditation that are rare in our every day life. As you wind down, it all becomes an interesting time for self-reflection.

      The fauna will come whenever it pleases...and there it is! Oh yes, there is a moose! Calm and seemingly resolute, it towers over the river mirroring at it...it is in no hurry. My heartbit is accelerating, my lens allows me to take the pic from a safe distance keeping myself unnoticed.

      My camera shutters frantically clicking, immortalising my encounter with this fantastic animal. At last, it walks out amongst the pines, onto the surrounding mires, seemingly proud and focus to something I completely ignore but like to dream about.

      This is one of those adventures that make you wish the winter never come to an end, because the reduced light, warmth and colour of winter might seem melancholic, but if you look carefully through the hues of its whites you can see pure magic.

      Swedish Lapland, is Europe's last remaining wilderness area. Kiruna, is the last major outpost of civilisation and comfort just minutes away from the wilderness.