Ice Fishing Tour

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  • Starting 10.00am from SkyVillage resort
  • Transfers by car is included if staying in another hotel in Kiruna
  • Overall and winter boots will be provided
  • The tour is 4h in total (1h sightseeing from our SkySled + 3h IceFishing)
  • You are most likely to see Reindeer, Moose, Arctic fox, and Ptarmigan birds.
  • Coffee break includes warm blueberry juice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate
  • Grilled Salmon, Njala (bread), Shrimp salad and dessert will be served.  A vegeterian option of grilled Halloumi if requested
  • Min 2 and max 8 people per tour (Children under 4 y.o. are not recommended to join the tour as they might get bored)
  • Available from December 1st - April 15th
  • Let us know the preferred date for the tour when booking and food preferences (vegetarian, etc) or allergies.

About us

"Peeking" is the ice fishing 2.0

Equipped with ice drill, ice fishing rod and maggots, we head off on a journey on board of the SkySled/SkyArk across frozen lakes and snowy forests. Roaming around by snowmobile at Torne River the guide will find the best spot, drill a hole, lower some bait and try to catch a fish with you.

Some call Artic Char the Greta Garbo of fish because of its beauty: few fishes offer a more stunning colour or are more elusive and tasty than the Artic Char.

While you are fishing your guide will start a fire and preparing your lunch.

One way of making ice fishing even more exiting is what we call "peeking". Drill a hole into the ice, clear all the ice and slush from the hole, lie down so you can look down into the water. Your eyes will soon get used to it and you start tracing the bottom of the lake.

After a while you might see some shadows moving. It gets exciting when large Artic Chars begin swimming past. Nonetheless, species as: Perch, Grayling. Whitefish, Brown Trout and Pike are likely to be caught.