Northern Light Dinner

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4 hour Northern Light Dinner tour in our warm SkyArk


  • Transfers by car from your hotel in Kiruna to SkyVillage
  • Overall and winter boots will be provided
  • Departure in our warm SkyArk from SkyVillage at 20.00
  • The guide will drive on the frozen river to our private island where he will start a fire in the tipi tent and serve you a hot, local soup
  • He will prepare reindeer meat with lingonberries in Njala bread, Potato salad and home baked pastry to you (vegetarian, vegan option is available)
  • Coffee break includes, warm blueberry juice, coffee and tea, hot chocolate
  • You might see Reindeer, Moose or Arctic fox crossing your path
  • Min 2 people per tour and max 8 people
  • Available from December 1st - April 15th
  • Let us know the preferred date for the tour when booking and food preferences (vegetarian, etc) or allergies. 

The Story

The SkyArk, a glass cabin pulled by a snowmobile, well heated and set up with comfortable beanbags is a warm way to experience lapland. The tour starts from SkyVillage by heading off on the river towards our frozen island in the middle of the Torne river. If conditions are favourable you’ll be amazed by Northern Lights and can admire them through the glass of the SkyArk. Your guide will stop for you if you want to take pictures.

Once we arrive at our destination zour guide will start a fire at the Tipi. A three course meal will be served, yummy reindeer meat grilled on the fire will open up your appetite, the icing on the cake will be the aroma of the coffee cooked over the fire.  Our guide will tell local stories sitting around the fire and you can sneak out of the tent to see the Northern Lights!

SkyVillage lies in the middle of the Aurora zone in the Swedish Lapland and has extremely low light pollution.